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If you need a new asphalt roof, you may want to take time to read this article. There are many things you can do to save money on your roofing project. These are just a few ideas that many customers over the years have mentioned, and it may be helpful in deciding on the plan of attack regarding your new roof. Visit for an affordable estimate.

You may get three or four roof estimates from contractors and get different measurements and roof squares needed to complete the project. If you have this problem, you might want to contact an online service that will use aerial and satellite views of your roof to figure out area and pitch and give you an estimate. Since these companies are not trying to sell you a roof, they may give you a more accurate estimate.

Roof installation can be a tricky business if the pitch of your roof is steep. The roofing installer will take the area and pitch into consideration when working up an estimate. If you have a high pitch to your roof, it will cost more. Also, there is a higher chance of an accident, so make sure you are covered by the contractor and your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Take your time picking out the color for your new roof. In some instances, the customer requested the removal of their new roof because they were not satisfied with their color decision. Ask the contractor for samples of shingles. Take the different color shingles and lay on the top of the roof facing the driveway. Leave for a week, every time you pull in your driveway take a look, especially both day and evening. Also, work with your contractor and get their opinion on the best shingle weight for your climate and area. One last suggestion. Ask the contractor to figure in a couple of extra bundles of roofing shingles. Keep the extras in the garage. Over the years if you have a storm or shingles get damaged, you will have additional material for repairs. The extra material is important because it is almost impossible to match shingles: companies are changing the color schemes all the time.

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